Sigda develops the following activities:

Transport activity including:

– Transport of raw materials and finished products
– Internal factory transport and logistics
– Transportation of ship lots to and from port
– Transportation of aggregates for industrial construction
– Transport operations during development and extraction in open pit mines and quarries
– Specialized transport of liquid dangerous and non-dangerous products – ADR transports
– Transportation of waste and excavated earth masses to landfills according to codes covered by the company’s registration document.

работа по проект с автомобилен транспорт варна

Cargo - unloading and warehouse logistics operations including:

– Cargo – unloading activities with specialized mechanization for bulk and general cargo
– Internal warehouse activities for stacking, pushing, serving raw materials, finished products, packaging assembly lines for packaging production on pallets and in big bags.
– Cargo – unloading works on open sites, on construction sites, when extracting raw materials in quarries.

Industrial construction, building construction and repair works:

– Construction of landfills for hazardous and non-hazardous waste
– Industrial construction
– Vertical layouts of industrial and energy sites, logistics areas, agricultural land
– Mechanized demolition of buildings and facilities, primary and secondary demolition
– Recycling of construction waste mixtures by crushing with a mobile jaw crusher with a magnetic separator.
– Excavation activities

Development and extraction of open pit mines and quarries:

– Excavation and internal outcrop to contact layer
– Mining, servicing, processing activities in the quarries

Logistics activity:

– Internal factory and warehouse logistics
– Storage and provision of open storage areas
– Container depot for storage of 20 and 40 foot containers
– Containerization and decontainerization with specialized canning
– Talisman services and survey

професионална машина, използваща се за тежкотоварен транспорт варна

Fastening and bracing of shipping lots and bulk cargo on board ships, barges and railway wagons

If you have any questions about the services of the transport company SIGDA OOD, you can visit our contact page.

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